Cirque Du Soleil inspired look

Not sure if I like this look or not…

It took about 3 hours to do. I went more ‘Alegria’ (meaning ‘joy’) and so interpreted the sea (because water makes me happy). Don’t know if you can see my brains method (haha)- the sun light (on the right)/sun rays shining through the ‘water’. Don’t know what the green is. Seaweed/coral maybe? I don’t know. I had fun doing it though. 

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IMG_5869 IMG_5911


Maleficent Makeup

Just finished this look. It took me a verrrrrry long time to complete. Not sure whether I like the final outcome or not…
My DIY skills aren’t the best (hence the bin bag outfit) hahaha. Great stuff.

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Maleficent Maleficent 2


Hi Guys!!!! I’ll be writing up a post about the wedding when I have time :)

Just a quick little thing whilst ermm,…  yeah.

HERE IS A NEW VIDEO for you to feast your eyes upon :)

Timmmmelapse ooooo



Tomorrow is the big day! I’m excited but very nervous haha! 

So, since my last post I have finally found a suitable outfit- flower print blouse, baby pink 3/4 length sleeve blazer and a pencil skirt (very last minute order- risky!), cleaned my camera lenses for the first time (scary shizz) and apart from that, I have been focusing on college exams (typical A levels!).

Tomorrow I have to be round the brides mums house at 10:45, we will then travel down to where the ceremony/reception is being held (where the bride/maid of honour is going to be) with the bridesmaids and then the wedding is going to start at around 1:30 with the group photographs being taken after- in an unknown room at this moment in time (English weather means that tomorrow of all days, it is going to be HAMMERING it down).

So all I have to say right at this minute is… Peace ☮ ✌



So… the wedding is next week!

Since my last post I have met up with the bride to be and took with me a notebook (filled with a few questions). We talked about how the day is going to run (what time I need to arrive, when the bride/groom want photo’s taken, whether they want formal/reportage photo’s etc.). I have also taken a trip down to where the ceremony/reception is taking place and had a walk around the gardens and the rooms- it’s all becoming too real! Hahaha.

My outfit has also been ordered- received a previous order today but it will have to be returned…

The first outfit was this lovely dress, however the practicality of it was… erm.. yeah.

My second outfit consists of trousers, blouse and fancy blazer ;) Let’s hope everything fits!

Not sure when my next post will be… dunno how to end this. Erm. Bye haha :)


My ‘Wedding Photographer Journal’ (Post: 1)

Soooo… where to begin this post… :)

A few months ago a family friend (my friends sister to be precise) asked me to be the photographer at her wedding; Mixed emotions on my part… obviously delighted, excited, as well as feeling verrrry anxious and slightly scared haha… especially since I have never photographed a wedding (I’ve also never been to a wedding- only when I was very young- so I have no experience of how a typical day ‘runs’).

It’s not long until the wedding- May 11th- and the butterflies are starting, therefore I’ve had an idea to start a ‘journal’ (little diary entries on my blog of how I’m getting on)…

Oh yeah, also forgot to mention I’m 17. As you can imagine, I’m feeling quite daunted by the prospect of photographing people I don’t know. Suppose It all helps to build confidence and character haha :) 

To add to the stress my A Level exams are around the same time (noooooo)- the day after the wedding I have an art exam…

Saying all of this, I am super excited- just got to try and calm my anxiety down hahaha. At the minute I am trying to solve the dilemma “What to wear?”. 

Anyway, It’s late and I’m shattered! Night :)